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There are a few good reviews and several quoted out of context in mJ ads. It is too bad the reviewers missed the two most important things; reliability and customer service. MagicJerk has neither! Give it 90 days as the reviewer should have, and it may be dead by then. Try to get the company to do anything about it and you are in for 7 to 10 hours of Internet chat. I’m on my third one, and it took me 9.5 hours, a ruined laptop and more patience than I knew I had just for the privilege of paying “small” fees for another replacement.

After the second one died, it took 11 hours over two days to get them to agree to a replacement. I printed out the ridiculous chats, intending to mail them to the CEO. Then I discovered there isn’t one. No phone number, no address anywhere to be found. Then, a few days later I had the good fortune to dial a wrong number and got a recording from WyMAX Communications, the same guys doing the hot spots all over the country. I checked with the SEC and found that, indeed, they own magicJerk. So I called them. They hotly denied owning the company and gave me a phone number to an answering machine. Twelve calls later, I decided they were never going to reply. Then I found an address; a PO box in Boca, FL where lots of scam artists and drug lords live. They don’t answer mail, either.

My wife accused me of being paranoid, so I googled mJ. I say many, many reviews there and on Amazon saying they had the same problems.

These crooks know few people have the time or patience to spend, literally, days on the phone over a $70 piece of crap. But if you don’t, you will loose the phone number you had to pay them to port. One poor guy lost one he had for 45 years, according to a review on Google.

It is a disservice when a reviewer like this one doesn’t even bother to look up someone on line or with the BBB before recommending such junk sold by crooks.

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