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magicJack is a device that plugs into a USB port on the user's computer, and uses a standard RJ-11 phone jack into which any standard phone can be plugged. This allows the user to make phone calls to almost any phone in the U.S. and Canada.

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Magic Jack Reviews

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  • Check Internet Speed!

    I got magic jack and had the performance level internet from Comcast. After working good a few weeks, I cancelled my comcast phone and downgraded my internet to economy plus to save money. Suddenly the magic jack was dropping calls or you couldn't hear half of anything. I got frustrated and tossed it in a drawer. My son later told me that with a voice internet service you have to have a minimum speed. I upgraded my speed back to performance and low and behold it works good again. I didn't know this and never saw anywhere that speed mattered. If you can't get yours to... More...
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    snugglecat's Picture   snugglecat    1 Comments   Comments
  • Little annoyances

    I like Magic Jack because of the price and most of the calls are alright. Occasionally I'll get an echo or someone I am calling will say they can't hear me. What really bothers me is the fact that because the jack is so large I sometimes have to pull it out to be able to place a memory card in an adjacent spot. Half of the time when I have replaced the Magic Jack, there will be a screen that tells me to register the product or my trial is up. When this happens I have to turn the power off, take out the jack and reinsert it. Then it usually operates normally. More...
    shonna's Picture   shonna    2 Comments   Comments
  • The thing works

    Picked up a Magic Jack at Walmart for $20. Installed it on an old almost never used anymore HP/Compaq Pentium D/ 4GB Ram, running Vista 32bit. Installed in about 1 min. Had a little trouble registering it, Magic Jack didn't like the keybroad on my old computer and any time I would type the letter D the computer would go to sleep. Never had any problems with that keyboard before. Had a bunch of keyboards laying around, so installed another old USB keyboard and the problems was solved. Made several calls, local and long distance to both mobile and landline phones. Call quality was good.... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    davo1958's Picture   davo1958    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great product, just one little annoying glitch

    I'm overall very impressed with my Magic Jack service. I haven't experienced any of the glitches that others have complained about. My phone rings, the reception is clear even when I call Canada, and my voicemail works and is easy to access. Plus I can send and receive faxes. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Totally worth the $20 per year fee. I do have one glitch I'd like to have fixed. When I answer my phone, my laptops (which are wireless connections) go offline. I would love any ideas or suggestions others have on how to correct this. I don't have this problem on my... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    angel30656's Picture   angel30656    1 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack Works

    Have had Magic Jack for 2 weeks, not a single poor or unacceptable incoming or outgoing call. I've tried it at two locations on two different computers. One computer is connected to ATT DSL Basic (cabin in mountains) and the other to ATT DSL Pro (in city). Both systems connected to Magic Jack without any problems and calls are as clear as a landline...Have not experienced any delays as others have mentioned. If this level quality continues for another couple of weeks....the landline will be out of here (already cancelled in the cabin) or downgraded to the lowest need level (under... More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    billw1952's Picture   billw1952    0 Comments   Comments
  • Works For Me

    Magic Jack has lived up to everything it promised. Out of all the reviews I read on the internet on all kinds of products I can pretty well detect that most complaints are self inflicted. Magic Jack is a cost revolutionary product that works. Only thing I find is that you can get a delay in voice transmission which results in both sides overlapping their dialogue. More...
    (Cable TV)
    topspot's Picture   topspot    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack

    I bought this, and considering how cheap it is I'm satisfied. I do get a delay like you see on tv with news programs talking to someone on satelite. For long conversations I wouldn't use it, but when my kids are home I know I can call them. I don't recommend leaving it plugged in when you reboot or boot your computer however. I have a 700w power supply, and with magic jack plugged in--not enough power was going to my 360gig drive and it would not spin. If I start the computer without the jack in the usb port the hard drives spin just fine. No problems installing.... More...
    (Cable TV)
    miridian's Picture   miridian    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kj's Review

    I love Magic Jack for the value. $20 per year is phenomenal! I can call my brother in Canada for no additional charge, the $20 per year covers it. The downside to Magic Jack is that some of my callers can't get through, so I have to give them my cell phone number. That's something that the "Jack" can definitely improve on. But for $20 per year, and unlimited calls in the US and to Canada, it's a great value! More...
    (Cable TV)
    kjblue's Picture   kjblue    0 Comments   Comments
  • It works

    I got a magic jack and at first I had a few problems with it but since I got a newer faster computer it works very well. I have a 2.9mhz intel with only 512memory running XP pro. I installed the upgrade software from Magic jack recently and it works very well so far. with my old computer I had problems with echos and choppy incoming speech but now it seems to work well. More...
    (Cable TV)
    rmmcc's Picture   rmmcc    0 Comments   Comments
  • Just Set Up Three MJs

    VIP: Use Comcast Cable. Have a surge protector plus a battery back-up into which everything is plugged. So far - all calls have been crystal clear, and I continued to have service during a power outage because of the battery back-up. Can connect directly to the fax and receive. Does not work telephone and fax on a splitter well, however, and I could not install 2 MJ's on one computer to have a dedicated line for the fax. Voice Mail and Call Forwarding work well. 3-Way Calling feature is missing. That would be a plus. Rate on calls at 2 cents per minute to Europe is... More...
    (Cable TV)
    OleMiss1's Picture   OleMiss1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Moslty fine

    I've had my magicJack for only about a month. So far it's worked pretty well. I would rather have a modem phone like Vonage (or another) only because I just moved to another country and only have a laptop. I'm typically balancing my laptop on my lap :) and it's weird having the magicJack sticking out of the laptop. I have to be careful since it seems pretty easily breakable. So, with my old-ish laptop (2gb ram) though it works as well as expected. I also have 2Mbps internet which normally tests around 1-1.3Mbps and I'm going through wireless and am usually doing... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Stef315's Picture   Stef315    0 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint ? What's Your Internet Speed ?

    Complaint? What's Your Internet Speed ? I keep hearing Complaints,everyone's leaving out important information,What's your internet SPEED ? I think that has to do with some of the issues here so far .I only hade a day sounds ok so far (Oh I'll be back to shoot my mouth off soon lol)(Maybe).I have 5 mbps internet service now will downgrade to 3 mbps soon.Leaving msg on vmail so far came out GARBLED a lil .Hey it's free !!! paid for Item that only using from time to time,I use my cell phone more.It's a new invention give it time !As for tech support ? humm... More...
    (Cable TV)
    pbelly7's Picture   pbelly7    0 Comments   Comments
  • Helpful Hints for better MJ

    You should use a dedicated computer if you will be replacing your telco phone service with a Magic Jack. I use a relatively inexpensive netbook (Asus 1000HE) which uses 25 watts of power. This is a 1.6 ghz machine so it stands as a testimonial that you don't need a super high powered computer to run the MJ. It has a fresh load of Windows XP with Windows Update turned off and there is no other "stuff" running on the PC competing for CPU time. The netbook sits high on a shelf where nobody will be tempted to use it for any other purpose. I also have a WiFi router with... More...
    (Cable TV)
    emarquis's Picture   emarquis    3 Comments   Comments
  • Good sometimes

    Worked great for a week then I could not call home, then checked with support changed the registry (deleted files in it) then had me unplug it before shutting off the computer, then plugging it back in after it boots up. So far connects -- sometimes echoes i just called again today and it was perfect and hope so tomorrow. Using a Vaio sony laptop with XP. More...
    (Cable TV)
    trazmo's Picture   trazmo    0 Comments   Comments
  • MJ works great so far

    Hooked MJ up on a less than powerful but dedicated PC and plugged a phone into MJ. Been working great for 3 weeks now. I had one issue with voicemail not playing my recorded message, but that resolved itself. I have not tried using it via headphones but I suspect it should work just as well. The on line chat support is pretty bad though. No phone # and the "techs" repeat what the online help says. But for 20.00 a year its to be expected. More...
    (Cable TV)
    w3gh's Picture   w3gh    1 Comments   Comments
  • so far so good

    I've had the magic jack for about ten days now. Seems to work fine and is as clear if not clearer then my regular phone. I have noticed that on two occasions I've had to reboot to get a dial tone. I also can say it's a little frustrating not being able to talk to a live voice if your having problems. But I'm happy so far. More...
    (Cable TV)
    ClutchCargo's Picture   ClutchCargo    0 Comments   Comments
  • love it

    i have had magic jack for 2 years. you have to follow instructions. at first i was bummed out that i had to leave my computer on all the time . but you don't. if you want to turn the computer off use the call forwarding feature. i forward it to my cell's no big deal. during the day when i am home my computer is on and at night i turn it off. then i use call forwarding. it's that simple.also my teenagers all have there own number to use for there friends. it has saved me so much money i can't calculate it. my kids can call all the long distance they want. this is... More...
    (Cable TV)
    dembick's Picture   dembick    0 Comments   Comments
  • Depends on the computer

    I have been using Teleblend VOIP as my only telephone service for years with no serious problems, but I'm sick of paying about $20/month for something I rarely use (I have two lines, one for fax. It is less than $15 for one line).So I decided to try Magic Jack, and here's the thing I've discovered: your happiness with this product will wholly depend on the computer you are using it with. It did not work consistently with two of our older computers, and so at first I was highly disappointed. However, we got a new "Media Center" computer with Vista premium and lots of... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Heatherina's Picture   Heatherina    0 Comments   Comments
  • Good Product

    I installed this on my computer in January 2009 so that I could call and receive cell phone calls for free. I am not very savvy when it comes to the computer, but didn't have any problems with the installation. A couple of times I thought the phone was hooked up but it didn't work. I just went back and reloaded it easily and it worked fine. We always shut down our computer at night so I have to remember to set up the magic jack again after each shut down. So far, I love this product and it's saved me about $20 so far. I kept my land line but may eventually drop it. I... More...
    (Cable TV)
    DonnaW's Picture   DonnaW    1 Comments   Comments
  • o.k. so far

    I got the device ye4sterday and tested it extensively. It took only a few minutes to istall and I was up and running. Incoming and outgoing calls- no problem. Voice quality below a land line, about comparable to a good cell phone in a strong signal area. The only problem is wery weak voice mail announcemnents and messages, you have to scream when you record your announcement and then crank up the phone to listen to the messages.Customer support was prompt, but not overly helpful, the well known problem with magic jack.and they were not able to correct the problem. Only time will tell,... More...
    (Cable TV)
    carl301's Picture   carl301    0 Comments   Comments


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