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magicJack is a device that plugs into a USB port on the user's computer, and uses a standard RJ-11 phone jack into which any standard phone can be plugged. This allows the user to make phone calls to almost any phone in the U.S. and Canada.

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Magic Jack Reviews

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  • Magic jack calls to companies poor connection

    I appreciate the cost of using the Magic Jack but I am getting really tired of having people on the other end say they can't hear me or sound is cutting in and out. I generally have no problems communicating on personal calls. It seems to happen when I need to resolve a consumer issue and talk with customer support which can be eith USA or overseas. Because I use I pay as you go cell phone, I cannot use it for customer service calls. More...
    yogi's Picture   yogi    0 Comments   Comments

    Main issues with MagicJack: - Voicemail cannot be turned off nor number of rings adjusted - There is a delay when answering call from telephone handset - Call quality is poor - My recent support experience ended up costing $100 to replace home phones because they said that was my problem, then it turned out not to be the case and was fixed with subsequent live chat session. I asked them to credit my account with the $100. They wouldn't even escalate that! - With Google Voice's new features and ability to use cellphone number and make free calls using mobile phone, I think... More...
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    ascotsgranny's Picture   ascotsgranny    0 Comments   Comments
  • unjust cut-off

    Although I bought a 5 year service plan MJ cut me off after 1 year and tried to sell me another plan.I found their number in my creditcard statement but the site was closed to customers it said and so far found no way to communicate with them.I just want to be treated fairly and continue to use MJ since I think it's otherwise great.Please contact me at 619 449 3787 or leave message at More...
    (Internet - Sponsored by DIRECPATH)
    peterdamwyk's Picture   peterdamwyk    1 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack and ISP quality

    292. My Magic Jack call quality is mediocre, but that is in direct relationship to the quality of my internet connection. I use Comcast and where I live, it is either Comcast or Verizon. Comcast's internet quality is mediocre at best, and Verizon's Customer Service really sucks. Where my daughter lives, she has really good cable internet. Her call quality with her Magic Jack is superb. But that is because she has really good internet quality. No choppiness. To determine if it was a matter of the quality of my Magic Jack, I took mine up to the Washington DC area, connected it... More...
    yorkiedad's Picture   yorkiedad    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hey JCMeg56...

    I was on here to get Magic Jack tips until I read your ridiculous post about regulating this sector. What the hell is wrong with you, and why do you want MORE government intervention? Isn't it bad enough already?! It's one private company competing with another, and that's what Capitalism is all about. Why do you want some Totalitarian government ruling eeeeverything in our daily lives? I'm in the military, and although I fight for your right so you can say whatever you want, I have to respect that. But if you have a problem with how we do things here in America,... More...
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  • not bad

    I purchased the magic jack a couple month ago. At first I used a cordless phone and it kept skipping during conversation, so I switch to a regular phone. It does a lot better but do not use this if you intent to call automated services as you punch in the numbers, it will skip them and make your entry invalid. That is the only down fall I have with the magic jack. More...
    nathalie2626's Picture   nathalie2626    0 Comments   Comments
  • MJ Works, Somewhat

    I have had Magic Jack for about 8 or 9 months. Bought as a second/third line, have land line and cell also. I have a lot of dropped calls but not sure if it is more a problem with our sometimes flakey wireless internet service. But not sure, have not had the opportunity to use on regular DSL service to compare. But it serves the purpose and for the additional $59 for 5 years, not too bad. I live with it, but would not at this point rely on it for my primary phone service. More...
    stph's Picture   stph    0 Comments   Comments
  • Its okay

    The Magic Jack works okay. It obviously isn't as great as having a genuine phone line, but its a moderate alternative. We use the magic jack as a 2nd line in order to cut down on cell phone minutes, so it is not our main phone. As a supplementary phone, we are satisfied with it. The clarity is okay at times and not at other times. It seems to be more clear when I am making the call rather than when I am receiving a call. It has never dropped a call, but sometimes I have to hang up and redial a number once the clarity starts getting shaky. I couldn't imagine relying on it as my... More...
    (Cable TV)
    owl216's Picture   owl216    0 Comments   Comments
  • magic jack review

    I have used the mj for almost 2 yrs, When I first purchased it there was no customer support chat like there is now.Apparently there have been several different versions of the product made.I had good and bad days using the mj and it became a hassle to use the first year of service.Support chat came online but I still was having alot of problems with a reliable phone.I purchased another year of service and the mj stopped working completely.After many hours with support chat i finally convinced support to send me a new mj.Now IT WORKS and Im able to use it almost like it was my old bellsouth... More...
    (Cable TV)
    flip's Picture   flip    0 Comments   Comments
  • It actually works

    I think i'm one of the very few who are (so far) satisfied with Magic Jack. For me, it actually works. On that note, I recommend NOT replacing your landline phone for Magic Jack. (or keep your cell phone) It is best to use Magic Jack as a long distance phone, a secondary phone, or to get voicemails. Your computer needs to be on in order for it to work. (I am on a PC, Windows Vista, HP laptop) Plugged into my USB, it seems flimsy and will break, so I use the USB included extension cable so the Magic Jack isn't dangling off my USB drive. I only plug it in when I actually use it, as... More...
    (Cable TV)
    wtrix's Picture   wtrix    1 Comments   Comments
  • Voice break up

    Majicjack is a neat product but I'm suspecting the complaints, and my own experience of voice breakup is due to network packet jitter. MJ is not going through telephone exchanges. You can tell by the 3 digits after the area code. These 3 digits identify the entry point of your data stream and it is not any number of my local telephone company. This problem of voice breakup on receive is preventing my selecting MJ as my primary phone. MJ is very useful on trips though. I have found if breakups occur, by recalling the number the problem is usually fixed, probably because packets are sent... More...
    (Cable TV)
    Jim2008's Picture   Jim2008    2 Comments   Comments
  • It's o.k. for the cost.

    I have used my MJ for one year. 85% of the time it worked fine. However, rest of the usage ended in bad reception (every other word, or a continous echo) and hanging up on my calls on its own. I have DSL w/ ATT. I am going to buy another unit instead of just renewing and keeping the old unit in hopes that they have improved. I would recommend it. Customer service was not very effective when I called for assistance with the technical issues. More...
    (Cable TV)
    MJ36's Picture   MJ36    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack suspicious number

    I have been using magic jack for 8 months now. Like others have stated, sometimes the voice quality is bad. Other than that it has been great! Until; I noticed a phone number that repeatedly shows up in my phone calls log. It is a number that is being dialed through my phone, but no human on this end is doing it! It automatically dials at 7:08 each evening through the week. I just sat and watched my magic jack box, it dialed 866-363-7172 then hung up after 34 seconds. When I dial this number it is a fax line (Ican tell by the major screeching noise on the other end). Undoubtedly this will... More...
    (Cable TV)
    cmhicks's Picture   cmhicks    2 Comments   Comments
  • It works

    Set up and used on my Vista PC. EZ and as long as my internet is not running other downloads the quality is aok. I had a time getting it to run on my XP netbook, but spent the time with live chat, who helped right away. That fixed it and now I am a Happy Camper. For the price, it is great. I bought mine at Walmart for 40 bucks figuring I could return it if need be. More...
    (Cable TV)
  • Majicjack has some benefits

    Well - works well, but really poor quality sound. One feature I really like is that calls are forwarded to my email. I use MJ for that, cuz I am on my other line all day as a work-at-home PC tech. I simply cannot have another line ringing and I cannot answer my phone for private calls. So, for 19.95 I get a separate line with voice mail that forwards to my email. I don't even plug the majic jack in. More...
    (Cable TV)
    tomntally's Picture   tomntally    1 Comments   Comments
  • exchanges

    I find Magic Jack is very clear. However, I live in Beaumont, Texas. My Area Code is 409. The only exchanges they have for 409 are for Galveston wich is a very small part of the 409 Area Code. If I gave us my regular telephone service and dialed 911 on my Magic Jack phone I would get Galveston's 911 which is about 70 miles away including a ferry crossing. The only way to get around the ferry is to go to Houston first. That is even greater distance. I have contacted Magic Jack about this more than once and have always been told our exchanges would be available in a few weeks... More...
    (Cable TV)
    anoldlady's Picture   anoldlady    2 Comments   Comments
  • static

    I really like the idea of MJ however I have had intermitint problems with my J when I first got it it worked flawlessly, than I started to get static in the conversation when switched to the tellephone It was still clear when talking on the computer head set and speakers but not on the tele. I hope MJ is able to correct the problem ultamatly More...
    (Cable TV)
    markless7's Picture   markless7    0 Comments   Comments


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