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magicJack is a device that plugs into a USB port on the user's computer, and uses a standard RJ-11 phone jack into which any standard phone can be plugged. This allows the user to make phone calls to almost any phone in the U.S. and Canada.

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Magic Jack Reviews

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  • waste of time

    Could never get past the final step of CREATE AN ACCOUNT - Step 10. Everytime I cliked CREATE AN ACCOLUNT with all steps properly filled it would go back to Step 10 and blank out the field with the credit card #. Spent 12 hours with their "technicians" doing all sorts of things, none of which worked. They eventually told me something was wrong with my computer. Took my brand new iMac back to Apple and they verified the computer worked perfectly. Never one to easily give up took the MJ device back for a refund. I bought another one. Same hangup again on Step 10.... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    zahgunegly's Picture   zahgunegly    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack Scam

    I had entered into an agreement with Magic Jack for 5 yrs at 19.95 per year plus $10 a year because I live in Canada. The service was fine until a few weeks ago. My service said it needed to be renewed. I thought it was the $10 Canadian phone fee that needed to be paid. So I paid it. The phone worked for a couple days after then it said it needed to be renewed again. I got on to their technical call line (of course you can't talk to anyone). They looked at my account and told me that I made 22 times more calls than the average magic jack user to a 516 area code and had terminated my... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    LOKS's Picture   LOKS    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reminder, a very disturbing message

    My renewal is coming up in around 2 months. There is a disturbing message on my device from now. It takes 20 seconds to finish. I contacted magicjack and requested to remove the message. They didn't do it. They claim it's a default message. The message takes 20 seconds. What if I have to make an emergency call? If anything goes wrong within the message period, who is responsible? And, for some very good reasons, I do NOT want to pay now. And, I do NOT need to be reminded. I am very disappointed and I feel they have no idea how to take care of their customers. More...
    kapon's Picture   kapon    0 Comments   Comments
  • Robbery-Scam

    THEY SCAM FOR MORE MONEY!! I renewed Magic Jack services January 15,2015 for $37.73 for the year. I notice May 1,2015 I had no service. When I called a difficult English speaking person told me I own the service but the phone number had expired. I never heard of this, All I could get out of this was they wanted more money. He kept asking for more money. Magic Jack is a scam and don't use them. The year service they sell FOR $35 is a BIG LIE!! More...
    GeorgeMartin's Picture   GeorgeMartin    1 Comments   Comments

    Tried to set up MagicJack Go, but was not compatible with my office setup. Cords would not work. They told me I had to use my computer and not my modem. Unacceptable. I told them to CANCEL the port request and that I was returning the equipment. Not only did they not cancel the porting, but they took my money and now I have no phone at all! They went ahead and ported the number!!!!! Customer Service is a bunch of morons and idiots. MagicJack has charged me for a porting fee I cancelled and for 911 services I don't have. They won't refund the money they took. They... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    KjnKwn's Picture   KjnKwn    0 Comments   Comments
  • Useless customer service

    I did three (3) on line chats with their customer service and not one of their people could tell me which button to use to change callers for call waiting using their virtual on line keypad. I know how to do this on my phone but when using the computer and the virtual key pad there is no FLASH button. They could not answer the question when put to them on three different customer service chats. More...
    auzzie315's Picture   auzzie315    0 Comments   Comments

    I bought one year service. It only worked for four months. Spent half day chatting and calling them. They told me, I need software update and God knows who from Magic Jack wanted to take over my computer access. So I refused. If someone called me, without my phone ringing, it went in voice mail. My out going calls never worked and I was unable to call anyone. I called again after two months. Magic Jack told me to buy another device, for which I had to pay over $50.00. It never worked. Frustrating enough, I decided to go with regular carrier. Magic Jack would not transfer my number. I called... More...
    mireview's Picture   mireview    0 Comments   Comments
  • magic jack refunds.....not.

    I had magic jack for a year and a half. I tried to renew after the first year and it didn't renew my ported phone number that you have to pay extra for to keep. so I went back on and ended up paying for a second year of service to get my number. When I talked to the live help chat they said they would refund the one year that I paid for that didn't include the ported number charge. But they didn't refund. Now I have decided to cancel my account and go somewhere else. I had to pay $33.24 to port my number back to another carrier. and when I asked about a refund for the... More...
    msmith972's Picture   msmith972    1 Comments   Comments
  • Billy Smith

    had magic jack for 2years 1st year went great 2nd year they gave me a deal 5 years for 100.00 one year of that 5 my service was cut off. they said my pc had been hacked and I would have to pay 299.00 to get it cleaned up before they could give me service back. nothing wrong with my pc it is a came they owe me 4 years service. Billy Smith More...
    bsmith1603's Picture   bsmith1603    0 Comments   Comments
  • MagicJack Canadian Customers Beware

    The Source website says that you can port your Canadian phone number to MagicJack but I tried and YOU CAN NOT. Also, the prices listed for getting a Canadian number are in US dollars and will be more on your credit card bill. The so-called "WiFi equipped" device is only able to use your computer's WiFi when connected to it. Otherwise you will need an ethernet cable hookup. When you finally get the device to work, the call quality is distant, choppy and just plain terrible. Worst. Experience. Ever. Hopefully they take it back. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Brandotrains's Picture   Brandotrains    0 Comments   Comments
  • Caution with Magic Jack

    Here is my chatting text with Magic Jack about cutting my subscription of 6 months. Really not proud of them...mean and cheap for not saying more. You are now chatting with 'Tim' Your Issue ID for this chat is LTK111530124900698X Tim: Hello, how may I help you? Michel Poulin: Hi, Tim: ‪Hello, Michel!‬‬ Tim: May I know the exact nature of your problem with full details please? Michel Poulin: It is really weird, I activated my Magic Jack Plus on dec 31 2013, and my subscription is over. How can it be possible. Tim: ‪Thank you for bringing up your concern. Glad to... More...
    (Cable TV)
    poum1's Picture   poum1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Majic Jack-no phone service most of the time

    This product is a piece of CRAP!!!!1 My elderly neighbor has this and most of the time she can't receive calls (caller gets a voice message stating she isn't available), she can't make calls 80% of the time, and if a person can get hold of her, the whole time the conversation "cuts" out or it sounds like someone is pressing the phone keys every 10 seconds and static noise. The jack doesn't fit properly and hangs loose. You can't get hold of a person on the website. We've tried and been left on hold for 30 minutes and then you get disconnected over... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Grandma6's Picture   Grandma6    1 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack charged renewal one year after return

    I returned the magic jack shortly after receiving it because it would not work for me. Received refund. One year later I received an email at 12:35 AM stating that if I did not respond to the email within one hour my account would be automatically charged for the renewal. Since I was asleep at the time I did was not able to respond in a timely fashion and when I checked my email at 7:30 am and then checked my bank account the money had already been charged. I called magic jack and expressed my frustration and while the account was then canceled I was told the money would not be refunded... More...
    chewaflo's Picture   chewaflo    0 Comments   Comments
  • No humans or customer Service

    If you want terrible customer service, or no customer service, use magic jack. I have been trying to get answers out of this company, no one to talk to just a machine. I have been trying for three weeks to set up magic jack and they tell me it is under review. What review I put my credit card in and have a fabulous credit rating. What is their problem? I tried to get a phone number to speak to a human, but no humans work there. More...
    elliot1982's Picture   elliot1982    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lousy Customer Service

    I purchased two majicjacks for my business, one for land-line service and one for fax service. I purchased the 5 year plan for both lines and had my two numbers ported over from AT&T. Porting of the numbers took me about six weeks to accomplish. The service worked fine for the first year, then the recurring porting charge came due and I attempted to have the porting charged to my credit card(s). The magicjack system would not accept my charge card(s). I contacted customer service on ten different occasions and received all sorts of excuses from the customer service representatives... More...
    (Legal Services)
    special's Picture   special    1 Comments   Comments
  • Magicjack website says: YOU CAN KEEP YOUR HOME PHONE NUMBER

    Read title: so I ran out and bought the magicjack equipment only to find out..........guess what..........I could NOT keep my home phone #.........then the site said you must register in order to keep your number.........well couldn't register my number so made up one thinking I could change it after registering.............guess what couldn't change the # because it couldn't be contacted customer service.......they said just return the equipment BUT your not getting your money back for registering a phone number........will be complaining to BBB,... More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    rwk43's Picture   rwk43    0 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack Problems

    Magic Jack (M.J.) works but before you pull the pin you need to weight the cost vs the problems. First you need a cell phone, for the following reasons. Second you not only need a computer and a broadband connection (probably 3MB/sec or better). You also need to be fairly computer literate. The first item in the instructions is to plug it into a computer’s USB port and create an account, even if you plan to use the stand-alone network adapter. They will keep your credit card number for easy access to additional charges. Any questions can only be answered by logging into online... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
  • Frustrated because there is no phone customer service

    Adding to previous comment, I am very upset because there seems to be no phone contact with magic jack. I continue to use Magic Jack Plus and wonder when it will be cut off or my credit hurt. I had to cancel a credit card because of Target breach, Therefore the credit card account I had given Magic Jack was not valid. I changed the new account number in my account information, however I notice that it is considered past due even though on another screen it says it will be billed January 5th. Sure would be nice to be able to speak with a human being concerning the billing. On line tech... More...
    shonna's Picture   shonna    3 Comments   Comments
  • Can't purchase IPP minutes

    I am unable for purchase IPP minutes on my MG for international calling. I have been in touch with their online support now for a week now. Each time they refer it to a higher level of care and say that is all they can do....that I just have to wait. Yesterday I suggested where they could put Magic and Jack. I am seriously considering switching to Vontage as everyone I talk to that has it all declare it is great. Does anyone out there have any suggestions on how to get the IPP issues resolved? More...
    (Repair Services)
    midlifedude7's Picture   midlifedude7    4 Comments   Comments
  • personal account

    Last year I transferred my tel # to MJ. I paid for 5 years. Service is not good. Now after 1 year, MJ tells me that I have to renew my contract. I called about 2 months ago, I was told that it is taken cared of. Now I have no service and says. login my account it does not work. I need help.718-980-0212 More...
    serag's Picture   serag    0 Comments   Comments
  • The lack of transparency in their billing is frightening for such a big company!

    I bought into the Magic Jack idea in Aug. 2012 and at the time I also signed up for 5 years of platinum service. I used two different credit cards for payments. My US account was charged twice for amounts that don't correspond to what the MagicJack people have on record (I spent about 2 and a half hours with different employees to finally get that info.!) The reason I have rechecked everything is because they cut my service in Aug. 2013 and convinced me that I had only paid for 1 year, so I requested 5 years again. Now I was informed in my last chat session that I am being billed... More...
    joyclub's Picture   joyclub    2 Comments   Comments
  • Anyone got a good lawyer to sue MJ?

    MJ Plus is advertised as an add-on to your standard MJ device account. I bought the MJ Plus and after a year of use they decided I had to renew it on a separate account and pay for it. I filed a complaint and have been waiting for 5 months for just a response from their Billing Department. Their Help service will not tell me by when their Billing Department will respond. In frustration, I gave up on any response from their Billing Department, I bought a new MJ Plus but now they won't allow me to register any new device to my existing 5-year account - I suspect out of pure spite... More...
    MJcrap's Picture   MJcrap    3 Comments   Comments
  • Magic Jack Plus warnings

    bought a magic jack plus in 2011, too many complaints from callers that they cannot hear me for low voice quality. The "can port your old phone number comes with a $10 annual cost with quickly adds to the "low" annual fee of "19.99 and that is only if you get a 5 year plan for $100. They also would not let me transfer my prepaids from my original magic jack to it, which agains adds to the low cost by having to replemish all my old prepaids. Then bought a 2014 magic jack plus which "you can transfer your current number to it" so bought a 2014 only to... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    jameshmh's Picture   jameshmh    2 Comments   Comments
  • Magic jack is a rip off

    Great for the free app, but if you bring your number and you not happy? You have to pay to get ported to another carrier. Service is terrible, dependability is also terrible. There is a free app, just use the free app it doesn't cost any money, I made the mistake of porting my number, with terrible service for in coming calls, and had to pay for the year and when I found how terrible the service was I had to pay to port my number to another carrier, waste of money More...
    (Mobile Phones)
    Steved2u's Picture   Steved2u    1 Comments   Comments
  • Hidden Charges

    I had majic jack for a year and it came time to renew. It was supposed to be 19.95 per year when I bought it and when I went to renew it the price was 29.95 plus tax etc. coming to 32.29. I was not happy with that but still cheaper than ATT. I paid with credit card and came to find out that does not include the phone number - another l0 bucks plus tax. I contacted them and they said I could get one of the "Free" phone numbers for another 10 bucks. I am still trying to figure out how my old phone number for 10bucks is different than the "Free" phone number for 10 bucks.... More...
    Frank78's Picture   Frank78    3 Comments   Comments
  • MagicJack is a Rip-off

    MagicJack (MJ) is a fraudulent scam. That is precisely why they have no support, no Email support, no phone support - they simply do not give a damn after the sale is made. All of my friends and relative hate it when I talk to them on MJ because the audio quality is so bad - everything I say I have to keep repeating because they cannot understand what I'm saying - the voice keeps cutting out. Calls are time-limited and cut off the call without notice; I could not get an MJ call thru to my auto mechanic because I kept getting an "All circuits are busy" message - even tho... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
    Bleau's Picture   Bleau    1 Comments   Comments
  • Epic Fail

    Have so many issues with this device let%u2019s see where to begin. If you%u2019re considering buying a Magic Jack, do yourself a favor and don%u2019t. The Magic crook inventor of this device should of more appropriately name it Magic Baloney. 1. Picked a random number for me with a Florida area code, Even though I requested a Canadian one and paid for it. 2. Would not allow me to add prepaid minutes to make international calls. Would not accept any of my credit cards. 3. Has failed on multiple occasions. dropped calls, service was temporarily down etc... 4.Worst service I%u2019ve ever... More...
    (Electronics, Appliances - Sponsored By BEST BUY)
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